Le Val sans Retour


Unrequited reviews

Qi and Yuanzi are made for each other and nothing could separate them, not even time travel!


One evening, Qi falls asleep next to Yuanzi, her girlfriend. The next day, she wakes up in her bedroom at her parents’ house… 10 years sooner! No problem, if she has to go through high school again, she might as well meet Yuanzi sooner and maybe prevent her from becoming seriously ill.

But what she’s unaware of, is that the teenager Qi took her place in the future too. How will she handle the grown-up life and her relationship with Yuanzi whom she only met (in her future) in college?

Content Warnings🔗

Terminal illness🔗

In the future, Yuanzi has late-stage kidney failure due to her diabetes, in turn due to her over-consumption of candies in high school.

My recommendation🔗

❤️ Treat yourself

A touching and cute story that certainly will make you smile and cry.

The two narrative arcs allow us to discover many aspects of Qi’s and Yuanzi’s personalities. The balance between comical situations — created by the mismatch between Qi’s personality and the time she’s in — and the sadder moments — where Qi (in the past) is worried about Yuanzi (not sick yet) and where Qi (in the future) feels powerless facing Yuanzi’s illness — is well done and will make you feel like continuing to read until the end.

Where to find it🔗

You can read this manhua on Tapas (partly free): Soulmate