Le Val sans Retour


Unfinished business

Everyone dreams about going back to school after their death, don’t you? Well, you’re in for a treat.

This webcomic is still running as of now.


When Lenore wakes up, alone, washed ashore, and cuffed to a suitcase in her name, she knows deep down that she will not have a good day. While investigating what happened to her, she meets Annabel Lee struggling with a floating orb. Together, the two young women will seek refuge in an old building perched on the cliff overlooking the sea, at the heart of a grim forest. Little do they know that, in the end, the forest may not be the most dangerous place of the region.

As they make a promise to always watch our for one another, urged by a strange but familiar feeling, they are welcomed by the Deans of the Nevermore Academy. They explain that they are both dead and that they will have to graduate from the Academy to have a chance to go back to a new life and not go to the Land of the Dead for all eternity.

We then meet their new class and its students. What are their plans? How and why did the students die? What is really behind this graduation? And how will Lenore and Annabel Lee be able to make it through together as they promised?

Content Warnings🔗

Death, suicide🔗

All the characters are dead, for various reasons and in a variety of ways. All these death are bound to be suggested, described or even depicted.

Monsters and Phobias🔗

The universe in which the characters move is filled with monsters from multiple folklores and mythologies, with various looks.

Similarly, situations related to various phobias are depicted, described or suggested.

My recommendation🔗

💖/️️⚠️ Go for it, if you’re comfortable with the themes

This webcomic is, in my opinion, well made. If you are comfortable with the aesthetic and the themes covered, I can only recommend it to you.

The drawing is well done and fits perfectly with the story. Besides, the music accompanying some key episodes make the reading all the more captivating.

The references to Edgar Allan Poe works that inspired the universe are quite enjoyable (even though I am not myself acquainted with it).

Where to find it🔗

You can read this webcomic on Webtoon : Nevermore