Le Val sans Retour

Come lose yourself at my home

You will find here a bit of everything and anything. Things I wanted to put some place without knowing where.

I think I am lost🔗

How did you land here? I may be able to guide you to the right place🔗

I’m looking for …

… the Mastodon instance🔗

No worries, it’s happening over there

… reviews or recommendations of video games, mangas, animes, series, films, books, etc.🔗

Let’s gather in the Unrequited reviews and the Unfinished business

… Free Software🔗

You will find all the information on the dedicated page

… information about Brocéliande🔗

I think you will find (almost) everything you’re looking for on the official Brocéliande website or via the Wikipedia Brocéliande page

… Morgane “Sardem FF7” Glidic🔗

That’s me! You can learn (a bit) about myself on the dedicated page