Le Val sans Retour

About me

Sardem FF7? Morgane?

If you want to know (a bit) more about Morgane “Sardem FF7” Glidic (me, as you might have guessed), you’re at the right place!

Who am I? That depends on who you ask to🔗

I you ask to …

… my friends🔗

I’m a pain in the ass who talks too much about Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIV, and Syberia.

… my co-workers🔗

I’m the one you have to bug to make a Merge Request on Exherbo, who does weird stuff in Bash and who hates Python.

… my partner🔗

I’m the one who’s always late to do the dishes or wash the salad, but who’s always here for a hug.

… me, directly, because why not?🔗

I am a trans, lesbian woman, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIV, and Syberia fangirl, yuri otaku, heroic fantasy (and a bit of SF) enthusiast.

Public keys🔗

If you need them, here are my PGP public key and my SSH public key.