Le Val sans Retour

The Girlfriend Project

Unrequited reviews

With Ryn, the rich heiress, and Julia, her fake girlfriend, get your fill of drama for a while!


Julia is a young hard-working woman who wants to get her degree while financially helping her family. Ryn, on the other end, is forced to follow the path her mother chose for her. The two young women will become friends for a strange reason: Ryn is unfortunate in love, and her family only reluctantly accepted her being a lesbian. Since her mother constantly reminds her that showing up alone at high society events will soil the family’s reputation, Ryn finds a solution: asking Julia to be her fake girlfriend!

Content Warnings🔗


Major spoiler

Ryn’s family only accepts shallowly her homosexuality, at least at first. You will get the whole range of comments, “jokes”, and homophobic and lesbophobic behaviours.

Julia’s father is much more direct in his reject of his daughter’s homosexuality, although he considers it’s for her own happiness.

My recommendation🔗

💖 Go without a second thought

Despite the pretty violent homophobia from some characters, we get here a beautiful story which takes its time to develop itself without dragging on.

With Ryn and Julia, you will laugh, cry, and all in all have a great time.

Where to find it🔗

You can read this webcomic on Tapas (partly free): The Girlfriend Project