Le Val sans Retour

Ring my Bell

Unrequited reviews

Welcome in the everyday life of Mai and Chungyeon, two neighbours who will get to know each other in less than favorable circumstances.


Mai is a romantic webcomic author and she just signed a contract with a publisher! It is also the same day her girlfriend decided to leave her, stripping her of her main inspiration. Her neighbour, Chungyeon, witnessed the scene unwillingly, and is all the more embarrassed when one of the papers she’s carrying is slipping from her arms: it’s an anti-LGBTQ+ pamphlet from her religious club at the university.

Will Mai bounce back from her break-up and find her inspiration back? And why is Chungyeon both so nice and so awkward with her at the same time?

Content Warnings🔗


No surprise here, some characters are overly homophobic at the beginning, but as the protagonists get to know each other, maybe their views will change.

My recommendation🔗

💖/️️⚠️ Go for it, if you’re comfortable with the themes

Despite the scary beginning, we can enjoy here a rather classic and caring rom-com.

Where to find it🔗

You can read this manhwa on Tapas (partly free): Ring my Bell