Le Val sans Retour


Unrequited reviews

Blood magic and familial drama, nothing like it to blossom. And also many, many plants.


Camille is a young witch from the Severin family. This family holds the power of blood magic.

During their twenty-first year, the young women from the family have to summon a winged demon to wish for success and prosperity. But Camille’s ritual doesn’t go as planned, and her aunt, matriarch of the family and very tradition conscious, doesn’t accept it.

She will give Camille one month to compose herself before attempting the ritual again. But what Camille got a glimpse of during the ritual will lead her to unveil secrets that she was not prepared for.

Content Warnings🔗

Blood, graphic violence and death🔗

Many scenes depict blood throughout the story, sometimes very graphically.

Likewise, some scenes are very violent, sometimes leading to the characters’ death. The most violent passage are pointed out as such at the start of the episode.

Suicidal thoughts🔗

Several scenes show characters facing suicidal thoughts.

Child abuse🔗

Many passages depict physical and psychological violence on children and teenagers.

My recommendation🔗

💖/️️⚠️ Go for it, if you’re comfortable with the themes

While some passages are extremely hard, most characters are caring for each other to make up for it.

The story is captivating and the protagonists are endearing, each with their responsibilities, their wishes, their fears and their hopes.

Where to find it🔗

You can read this webcomic freely on Webtoon: Muted