Le Val sans Retour


Unrequited reviews

Follow the hardships that Simone and Marissa will have to overcome to stay together and, maybe, finally stop hiding.


Simone is a rising star of the runway and she will soon achieve international influence. Her lover, Marissa, is a respected and witty lawyer. Going public too soon about their relationship could end Simone’s career, so they have to wait until they can leave the country before taking this step.

That’s when a photo of them kissing on the street is shared. Everyone saw it, everyone is talking about it and pressure them to end their relationship. Will they succeed in overcoming this ordeal?

Content Warnings🔗


The main theme of this manhua is the homophobia our two heroines are facing. It is never watered-down, and often present.

My recommendation🔗

❤️/⚠️️ Treat yourself, but be warned

A little drama we learned to like them, on the backdrop of a lonely struggle against homophobia. We can find all the ingredients to a successful story, but maybe is it lacking a slice of lime to refine the recipe.

Where to find it🔗

You can read this manhua on Tapas (partly free): Mojito