Le Val sans Retour

My Darling is the Cutest

Unfinished business

Sadie, the best student of her high school, and Lex, the last in ranking, will get closer for an unforeseeable reason.

This manhua is still running and as of now, season 1 is wrapped and a second season is planned.


Sadie Cang is the best student of the school, and she has no friends. Her classmates are questioning her on her possible relation with Xavier, the second best student, and refuse to believe her when she tells them she’s not interested in him. Desperate, she finds a solution: to give a name, any name, to throw them off. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know any of her classmates’ names!

Only one name impressed her: the one of the dead last student of the ranking. And when see says loud and clear “I’m only interested in Lex Qi”, she does not suspect that Lex is precisely sit behind her and heard everything.

Content Warnings🔗

Episodes depicting difficult themes include a warning at their beginning, listing the themes in question.

School bullying🔗

Multiple scenes of school bullying are depicted through the story.

Major spoiler

In middle school, Sadie’s classmates play a prank on her to make fun of her because she always only studies and has no friends.

Child abuse🔗

Major spoiler

Sadie’s mother used to beat her to force her to study.

Major spoiler

Lex comes from a well respected family but is not considered a viable heir because she is a girl. Her mother used to beat her to make her learn the piano.

Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt, and suicide🔗

Several scenes depict or suggest suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or suicides.

Stalking and paedophilia🔗

In an episode, a stalker threatens the school, targeting young girls.

Body image issues🔗

Medium spoiler

Faye has complexes about her appearance and find herself too fat and not beautiful enough compared to her friends.


Major spoiler

Xavier is dressing up as a girl character, Apricot Jam, to danse and sing. This resemble DRAG but his disguise is not public matter. As his disguise is unveiled, he receives threats but also testimonies of other people being harass for similar reasons.

My recommendation🔗

💖/️️⚠️ Go for it, if you’re comfortable with the themes

We can thank the Chinese censorship for this highly weakened romance. Nonetheless, this manhua is not lacking in depth and offers us great relationships between the characters and a wide range of discussed themes.

All the characters are engaging, in their own way, and we have pleasure following them and seeing them evolve.

Where to find it🔗

You can read this manhua on Tapas (partly free): My Darling is the Cutest