Le Val sans Retour


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An adventure that will lead you from the French Alps deep into the Siberia, going through charming cities in the heart of Europe and post-soviet Russia and Eastern Europe.


The story of Syberia is split into three narrative arcs: the travel to Syberia (Syberia 1 & 2); the seasonal migration of the snow ostrich with the Youkoles (Syberia 3); Kate’s quest for identity (Syberia: The World Before).

Syberia 1 & 2🔗

Kate Walker is an American lawyer sent to a small French mountain village, Valadilène, to close a takeover deal of the old automaton factory. The discovery of a surprise heir will force her to travel, looking for him across Eastern Europe and Russia, both deeply affected by time and the fall of the U.S.S.R. She will meet Oscar, a train driver automaton who will become an invaluable friend.

These two games together form one whole story, with a nearly-identical gameplay, the second game merely smoothing the rough edges of the first game out.

Syberia 3🔗

Major spoiler (Syberia 1 & 2)

Kate Walker is found unconscious by a Youkole tribe and got locket in a psychiatric hospital. She will have to free herself and help the Youkole tribe to escape the authorities willing to prevent them from doing the seasonal migration with their snow ostriches.

Syberia: The World Before🔗

Major spoiler (Syberia 3)

Kate Walker is now a prisoner in a salt mine North of Russia and her family and former friends have no news from her.

Dana Roze is a young 17 years old pianist living in Central Europe at the dawn of the Second World War, as fascism is spreading.

What may be the link between these two women, and why does Kate finds herself on the trail of Dana?

Content Warnings🔗

Child abuse🔗

Medium spoiler (Syberia 1)

After his accident, Hans is locked in the attic by his father who will fake his death towards the villagers.

Psychiatric hospital🔗

At the beginning of Syberia 3, Kate is locked in a psychiatric hospital, and her first goal is to free herself.


The story of Dana in Syberia: The World Before is punctuated by anti-Semitic actions from various characters she will meet.

My recommendation🔗

💖 Go without a second thought

The four games are excellent narrative adventure games, shaping a whole story, while each arc is still independent.

Syberia 1 & 2🔗

The old school gameplay of the first two will put some people off, notably if the nostalgia of this era is missing.

The story itself is fluid and well written, and we will gladly share Kate’s feelings in her journey (far) far from home, chasing a dream that will because hers.

Syberia 3🔗

The third game is trying 3D and gamepad-oriented controls out, and its gameplay suffers greatly from that.

I would recommend it for the story, specifically if you played the first two games (and not just watch the summary included in the third, or any other summary you can easily find elsewhere), because of the probably strong connection you will already have with Kate, allowing you to appreciate more deeply this new journey.

Syberia: The World Before🔗

There is no need to play the previous games before TWB, but make sure to watch the summaries if you don’t know the story. Nonetheless, if old school gameplay is not a problem for you, I recommend you play the first two games still, to fully appreciate all the details of TWB.

This last opus brilliantly closes the saga (for now?). The parallel stories of Dana’s life and Kate’s investigation will take you through a Central Europe marked by World War II.

Dana doesn’t know who she wants to become, Kate doesn’t know who she is any more, and across time, these two women will begin a journey that will change them forever.

The soundtrack, composed by Inon Zur, completes the narration perfectly, both during happy scenes and sadder, more intimate times.

Where to find them🔗

You can buy Syberia games on GOG (Syberia, Syberia 2, Syberia 3 and Syberia: The World Before), Steam, Epic (The World Before only), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5 (Syberia 3 and TWB only) and Xbox (Syberia 3 and TWB only).