Le Val sans Retour

Sora & Haena and Ah-Young & Jae-In

Unrequited reviews

Sora and Haena have nothing in common, but fate will bring them together and they will (literally) learn from each other.

Ah-Young & Jae-In is a spin-off continuing the story while focusing on two secondary characters.


Sora is a studious and discreet girl, really shy, but who would like to make friends. Panic-stricken, she will lie to classmates, telling them she has a boyfriend. While she cannot find a way to get out of her lie, she will meet Haena by accident. Haena is very sociable, loves to hang out with her friends, and her marks suffer of it. Her meeting with Sora will give her the motivation to go to college.

The two young girls will make a deal: Sora will help Haena with her studies, and in return, Haena will teach all of her social skills to Sora so she can find herself a boyfriend! But as the two of them will get closer, they will realise that maybe, their true goal is much different than what they first thought.

Content Warnings🔗

School bullying🔗

Some episodes depict bullying scenes. The most explicit one has its own warning at the episode beginning.

My recommendation🔗

💖 Go without a second thought

A cute story full of good humour. You can only have a good time with Sora and Haena.

If you like romances with minimum drama, this manhwa is made for you.

Where to find it🔗

You can read this manhwa on Tapas (partly free): Sora & Haena