Le Val sans Retour


Unrequited reviews

SMILE is a very sad manga whose main theme is death. We will follow Mei, a ghost, and her new friend, Yukiko, in their journey to Hokkaido.


Mei is a young girl who died in a traffic accident. As she was wandering in the city, search the reason she is still a ghost, going without thinking through passers-by, she bumps into a young woman, who is the only one that can see and touch her.

Content Warnings🔗

Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempt🔗

Minor spoiler

Mei was on her way to kill herself when she died in the traffic accident.

Major spoiler

Yukiko had suicidal thoughts following her brother’s death.

Child abuse🔗

Major spoiler

Yukiko’s mother beats her, then later her little brother.

Forced marriage and lesbophobia🔗

Minor spoiler

Mei’s father tries to marry her, in particular because she’s lesbian.

My recommendation🔗

💖/️️⚠️ Go for it, if you’re comfortable with the themes

A manga extremely hard to read to the end, mainly because the relationship between the two heroines is built while one of them is dead already. But isn’t the journey more important that the destination?

Where to find it🔗

You can read this manga on Tapas: SMILE