Le Val sans Retour

Luminous blue

Unrequited reviews

A very sweet story carried by a trio of charming heroines that fate was right to bring together.


Kô is passionate about photography and just got transferred in the same high school as her idol Uchiho! Despite two victories in row at the high school photography contest, Uchiho decide to stop photography and close the club. Kô gets in her head to give Uchiho back a taste for photography by entering the contest herself. She meets Nene and Amane who she asks to be her models because she was touched by the intimacy they were giving off. She will quickly learn that this feeling is anything but fortuitous.

Content Warnings🔗

Toxic relationship🔗

Major spoiler (secondary character)

Uchiho, Amane’s childhood friend and winner of the high school photography contest, is manipulating Amane to make her sad. This way, she hopes to keep Amane’s smiling face for herself, and take beautiful photos of Amane.

My recommendation🔗

💖 Go without a second thought

The story begins really well and includes everything we could hope for. The drawing sublimate perfectly the scenario, centred on Kô’s photographies.

Despite an early discontinuation, the author offers us a beautiful ending and a lovely message of hope.

Where to find it🔗

You can find this manga at your local bookseller.