Le Val sans Retour

Cross Heart and Melody of Sorrow

Unrequited reviews

Cross Heart is a difficult manga to read due to the tackled themes, but the story is worthwhile if you make it to the end.

Melody of Sorrow is the sequel to Cross Heart, coming back to Haru’s story.


Kotomi is a young sad girl who is distant from her classmates. Haru on the contrary is joyful, and cannot help herself from looking at Kotomi from afar. One day Haru decides to be the one to bring a smile on Kotomi’s face by helping her cast the shadow from her past away.

Content Warnings🔗

Child rape and Child abuse🔗

Major spoiler (stranger rapist trope, and victim blaming)

When she was 9 years old, Kotomi ran away after a fight with her parents. Lost in the city, she asked a passer-by for help, whom took her to an alley to rape her. (The scene is short but graphic.)

Kotomi’s parents officially denied the rape and told her to never speak about it to anyone, because her body was now stained and people would reject her if they knew.

My recommendation🔗

❤️/⚠️️ Treat yourself, but be warned

The themes tackled are really difficult and admittedly not unusual, but the author here offers us a moving story. We feel Kotomi’s sorrow when she forbids herself from being closer to Haru, and Haru’s one facing the wall Kotomi has built around her heart.

The story is relatively short, as well as the sequel, so I will let you discover it.

If you think you can endure the difficult passages, do not hesitate to start this reading.

Where to find them🔗

You can read both mangas on Tapas: Cross Heart and Melody of Sorrow